Ch Bhand

The Ch Bhand package is a Ch binding to the Barrett Hand that allows for total control of the Barrett Hand robotic manipulator through any computer that has Ch installed, a Windows environment, and a free serial port. With Ch Bhand, all C/C++ programs can utilize functions that are available with the package and can readily run in Ch interpretively without compilation. Ch is a free C/C++ interpreter.

Release Notes

Ch Bhand version 2.0, May. 5th, 2005
   Supports Ch 5.0.1 and change in package structure

Ch Bhand version 1.3, Feb. 28rd, 2005
   Supports Ch 5.0

Ch Bhand version 1.2, September 23rd, 2004
   Supports Ch 4.7

Ch Bhand version 1.1, January 16, 2004
   Supports Ch 4.5

Ch Bhand version 1.0, August 13, 2003

System Requirements

(1) Ch Standard or Professional Edition version 5.0 or higher for Windows. Ch is free and available for multiple platforms from SoftIntegration at

(2) A Windows Environment with a free serial port

Files in Distribution

Ch Bhand binary for Windows package contains the following directories Ch script to install the Ch Bhand package
chbhand/demos Ch Bhand demo programs in C ready to run in Ch Bhand
chbhand/dl dynamically loaded library
chbhand/include header files
chbhand/lib function files